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Summer 2010




Village Update

From the Mayor's Desk

After a two year construction process the pavilion at the Otisville Veterans Memorial

Park on Main Street is available for use. Our reformed Parks Committee is hard at work,

bringing energy and enthusiasm to the current projects and projects we face in the future. We

are happy to report that with the reorganization of the Parks Committee, we are currently

addressing seating under the pavilion by acquiring picnic tables. These are a much overdue

necessity for the use of the pavilion. Anyone who would like to use the pavilion for private

parties or group events, please contact the Village Clerk at 386-5172 for further details.

I'm sure everybody will remember that last year the roofing for the pavilion was donated

by the Otisville Grange and installed by one of Peter Hansen's work crews. All free of

charge to the Village. The American Legion and Legion Auxiliary made a significant contribution

towards the purchase of a children's playground train which we hope to have installed this

Summer and a matching fire truck purchased by the Volunteer Fire Company. I would also

like to acknowledge past Trustee Fred Baker for his donation to the park of his trustee salary

for the months he was deployed in Iraq. Most recently, several individual residents have

stepped forth each offering to donate a picnic table in loving memory of a loved one. This

definitely shows how much pride our residents take in their community. The Otisville Veterans

Memorial Park has truly evolved as a community endeavor!

Last, but certainly not least, a special note of thanks needs to go out Commander Roy

Brighton and the members of VFW Post 5497 who have volunteered to complete the work on

the flagpole and monument at the Otisville Veterans Memorial Park. Organizations such as the

VFW helped shape our Village from its earliest years and, still today, significantly contribute to

maintaining our community as a wonderful place to live, work and play. This is one of the

many reasons that I live in Otisville. I would like to thank all the residents for allowing me to

be part of your community.

Get in on the Fun!

Otisville's 4th Annual Community Yard Sale

Saturday, August 7, 2010

9AM to 3PM ~~ Rain or Shine

Any Village resident planning to set up a sale at their house is asked to Contact

Diane 386-1251

To reserve a space to set up your table at one of the public locations:

For the Presbyterian Church parking lot on Main Street

Contact Liz 386-1022


For the Catholic Church parking lot on Highland Ave, the Fire House

or Veteran's Memorial Park on Main Street

Contact Ken 386-1138

This annual community event is a wonderful example of what can be

accomplished when neighbors come together with a common goal.

All advertising and related costs are paid for by participants' donations, and

traffic signs were purchased with donations from local businesses.

No municipal funds are used.

Thanks for your continued support!




In order to facilitate a safe traffic flow during the hours of the Community Yard Sale on

August 7th, there will be "One Way" traffic on some of the major streets. Our thanks go out,

once again, to the Mount Hope Police Department for offering to assist with traffic control

throughout the day. Specifically, there will be one way traffic:

Up Highland Ave from the Village Hall to Main Street

Down Main Street from Highland Ave to the Post Office

Down Orchard Street from Main Street to Seybolt Ave

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but believe it will help ensure a much safer

day for everyone. The Yard Sale Committee thanks you for your understanding and


Meals on Wheels

The local Meals for Homebound Seniors Program, more commonly referred to as Meals

on Wheels, is another community outreach program designed to support the "aging in place"

initiative by delivering meals to the home bound and the elderly in our area. Volunteers are

asked to commit to helping for just one hour a month. The program is a great way to make sure

that our seniors are getting nutritious meals and also serves as a way of checking in on them to

be sure they're all right. Anyone interested in helping can simply call Kathleen or Amy at the

Town Hall, 386-1460.

Country Garden Club

Main Street has never looked more ready for Independence Day, with the planters bursting

with red, white and blue flowers. The Mayor and Village Board wish to thank the Country

Garden Club for planting and maintaining these planters throughout the summer season. The

beautification efforts of the Garden Club do not go unnoticed by residents and are often a focus

of attention and comment by visitors to the Village. Thanks you for the valuable services they

provide to our Village by helping make it such a warm and inviting place to live, work and


Our Hats Are Off to Our Community Volunteers ...

Hometown Helper

The Otisville/Mount Hope Hometown Helpers received special recognition at the 36th

Annual RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) Ceremony held May 6, 2010 at Anthony's

Pier 9 in New Windsor. The Hometown Helpers is an organization of caring people who came

to together and established a program on the model of the "aging in place' initiative in order to

better assist their neighbors in a safe and organized manner. Volunteers provide friendly visits,

reassuring phone calls, grocery shopping, errands, minor chores, paperwork, and transportation

to doctors, the grocery store, the pharmacy, or other places of necessity. RSVP and Jewish

Family Service offer technical assistance to the program and provide training for new

volunteers. During training volunteers learn to be helpful in various types of situations they

may encounter on their visits. These volunteers enable the elderly to remain in their own

homes, provide a way for them to lead a healthier, happier and more wholesome life and to

share their wisdom and experience with their community.

A training session for new volunteers will be held at the end of August. For more information

on becoming a volunteer, or to register for assistance from the Hometown Helpers,

please call either the Town Hall 386-1460 or the Village Hall 386-5172.

Otisville Residents Take Pride in Their Community

by Pete Ackerson, Building Inspector

We would like to thank all the residents of the Village for making last summer another

safe swimming pool season. With everyone keeping an eye out, we ended the summer without

even one single bad incident. Safety ladders were put away properly and fences and gates

closed and maintained. We ask that each of you continue this great safety record to make the

summer of 2010 equally safe for your children.

Our local grass law requires lawns to be maintained at 4 inches in height or less. If it is

observed the lawn is higher than 4 inches, the date of the observation is recorded and a note

made of recent weather conditions such as rain. After a reasonable waiting period, if the lawn

remains uncut, a letter will be sent reminding you of the need to mow. If the lawn is still not

cut, the Village may enter the property and cut the lawn with a fee being assessed to the property

owner on the next tax bill. A walk around the Village will find that, for the most part, the

homes are very well maintained and many have beautiful flower gardens as well. Be proud of

your Village and keep your yard looking great.

We also wish to remind anyone who lives on a corner lot that bushes and hedges must

be trimmed and maintained to a height of 30 inches or less from the corner of the lot, along the

streets, in both directions. This law is intended to provide adequate visibility at intersections.

The Village will send a reminder if it is observed that the growth exceeds the height limit; however,

those that live on a county or state road (Seybolt Avenue, Highland Avenue, Sanatorium

Avenue or State Street) should know that neither the county nor the state send warning letters.

If your hedges are above the legal limit and you live on one of these roads, you could very well

arrive home one day to find your hedges cut to the ground by the respective work crews.

We still have a couple of persistent junk car problems but are working to bring these

people into compliance with the junk car laws through enforcement.

We do not currently have any new homes under construction in the Village, but new

village residents now occupy both of the two newest homes on Route 211.

If you have a zoning or building code question, I am at the Village Hall on Wednesday

evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. Please stop by and see me.

Recycling Reminder

I must admit I still feel somewhat silly when I stand at the sink washing my garbage!

Yes, I'm talking about bottles and cans being prepared for recycling. Silly as doing this may

seem, the long range benefits of recycling are well worth the few extra minutes of time and a

little bit of soap and water.

It's important that only clean bottles and cans be put into the appropriately labeled

dumpsters at the Village Hall. These dumpsters are available to any Village residents who

would prefer not to wait until the monthly recycling pick-up days. Unwashed cans and bottles

become quite smelly during the hot summer months and quickly attract unwelcome wildlife and

rodents! Please be considerate and comply with this regulation; not doing so can create a

serious health issue.

Cardboard boxes need to be flattened before being placed in "Mixed Paper" dumpster.

Paper and newspapers must be "dumped" into the dumpsters - they cannot be placed in the

dumpsters in plastic bags. Pizza boxes are not recyclable as they are contaminated with food

residue. Soiled paper items such as this can be put in your regular household garbage.

Village residents may drop off items for recycling at Village Hall, Monday through

Friday, 9 am to 12 noon (excluding holidays) and on the one Saturday morning each month that

the Village Hall is open for business. This is ordinarily the first Saturday of the month, however,

due to the holiday weekends and staff vacation plans the Saturday schedule has been

modified for July, August and September.

Whenever you deliver your recycling, please remember to stop into the Village Hall to

sign in on the sheet provided in the lobby before taking your recyclables to the dumpster area.

Dogs in the Park

Most area residents know that the Village of Otisville has a dog control law requiring

that all dogs be keep on a leash whenever the animal leaves the owner's property. In addition,

the law stipulates that owners must clean up after their dogs whether walking them on the sidewalks,

roadways or in the park. Yes, ... the park.

Although the Town of Mount Hope Park is a "no dog park", there is currently no such

restriction at the Village's Veterans Memorial Park on Main Street, provided the dog is keep on

a leash at all times. Unfortunately, the Mayor and Village Board have received numerous

complaints about dog messes being left behind on the walking trail and in other areas throughout

the park! If this continues, the Village may very well be forced to reexamine the policy of

allowing dogs in the park. This would be a shame for those residents and visitors who enjoy

walking with their dogs and do act responsibly by taking care to clean up after them.

Please don't allow the actions of a few inconsiderate people to dictate a new policy. If

you see someone walking their dog in Veterans Memorial Park, politely remind them that they

must clean up after the animal. Perhaps they are just unaware of this requirement. Thank you

for your help in maintaining our park as a pristine recreational area that we can all enjoy!

Term Limits for Mayor & Trustees

New York State Village Law allows for term limits of either two

or four years for the Mayor and Board of Trustees. Periodically over the past ten plus years, it

has been suggested that Otisville extend the term limits to four years. This would mean that

Village elections would only have to be held every other year and that, once elected, the Mayor

and Trustees would serve for a period of four years. Fewer elections would result in a cost

saving to both the Village and to the respective political parties.

The Mayor and Board of Trustees is once again weighing the pro's and con's of making

such a change and would like to know your opinion. You may contact any member of the

board to discuss the issue, stop by the Village Hall any Wednesday evening between 6 and 8

p.m. to speak with the mayor, or attend one of the Village Board meetings. Meetings are held

the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m., and there is always a period of "Audience

Participation". Your input is important to us, and we hope to hear from you.

Water Bills

In April, the Village Board adopted Local Law #3 of 2010 updating

the billing structure for water usage in the Village. Please look for a letter from Mayor Wona,

which will arrive with your July water bill, and which contains further information regarding

the changes.

Village Website

The Village Website is in the process of being updated. While it is still a

work in progress, feel free to follow along as we add more information, new pages,

additional links and downloadable forms. You can find it at

Have the Village Update Delivered Right to Your Computer

Our current method of distribution for the Village Update is to mail the newsletter,

via the USPS, to all property owners. Since we have no way of maintaining a list of tenants/

renters living within the Village, additional copies are made available for these individuals.

These copies can be found just inside the front door of the Post Office on Main Street and in the

Village Hall Lobby.

We continue in our attempts to have the Village Update GO GREEN! In order to

reduce cost and save the environment, all Village residents (property owners and tenants alike)

are encouraged to submit their email addresses so that an electronic copy can be sent directly to


Please email the Village Clerk, Janine Beck, at if

you would like to receive the Village Update via email. Make sure to include your name and

mailing address so we can remove your name from our postal mailing list.

School's out, so why not fill your days with activities that score high marks with the

whole family? From ways to take learning on the road to the discoveries your child can make

right in your backyard, these ideas will welcome a season to explore, learn, and play.

For example:

*Introduce your kids to your favorite childhood books and read together

*Have them create a journal/scrapbook of their summer activities

*Explore your own backyard finding out what grows there, lives there and what they

imagine could be there

Summer is the time for fun, good times and creating great memories! Have a

wonderful-and safe-summer!

Brian Wona, Mayor


Diane Loeven

JoAnn Ketcham

Tammy Cauchard

Richard Cash

Village Hall

66 Highland Ave.

Otisville, New York 10963

Hours: 8:30 - 2:30, Monday-Friday;

1st Saturday , 9-12

We are on the web!

Village Update

Village of Otisville

66 Highland Ave.

Otisville, New York 10963

Saturday Hours this Summer

Due to the holiday weekends and staff vacations, the Village Hall will not

be open on the first Saturday of July, August and September. Instead, the office will

be opened from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on the following Saturdays: July 17th, August 14th

and September 11th. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

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