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Village Update




Village Update


Village Elections will be held on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 for two Trustee positions,

two year term each. Candidates are Diane Loeven, Tammy Cauchard and Lawrence Michelitch.

Polls are open from 12 noon to 9 pm. In order to vote in this election you MUST be registered

with the Orange County Board of Elections by March 5, 2010.

If you would like to check your registration status, please call the Orange County Board

of Elections at 845-291-2444. Registration forms and Application for Absentee Ballot forms

can be found at Village Hall, or you can download them from the County of Orange website Once on the website click County Departments, Board of Elections and

then Voter Information.

Village Court to be Abolished

Effective April 1, 2010 there will no longer be a Village Justice or Village Court. By

now you should have received a letter from Mayor Wona explaining the reasons the Village

Board of Trustees voted to abolish the Village Justice Department. If you did not receive this

letter, copies are available at the Village Hall.

Several months ago, at the request of the Village Justice, the Court Clerk's Office was

moved to 11 Baker Street, the same location as the Town of Mt. Hope Court, and the Village

Justice began holding Village Court at that location. Thus, individuals needing the services of

the Justice Department will notice little change when the Village Court is abolished. All infractions

which occur within the Village will automatically be referred to the Town Justice and

Town Court at the 11 Baker Street location.

The one change you will notice is that, after April 1st, the Village Court Clerk's phone

number will no longer be in service. Linda Zgrodek, Court Clerk, can be reached at the Town

Court number which remains the same, 386-5303.

From the Mayor's Desk

The question occasionally comes up as to whether we are doing everything we can to

apply for grants to help the community. Be assured that the Village of Otisville has regularly

applied for and utilized grant money to help offset costs to the tax payers. Below is a list of

grants received since I have been in office, as well as some which have been submitted but are

still pending.

From Senator Bonicac's Office:

* $50,000 for the purchase of needed components for the Fire Department's "Jaws of Life"

and municipal improvements at the Village Hall.

* $50,000 Multi Module grant for the Main Street Extension project.

From Assemblywoman Rabbitt's Office:

* $5,000 in 2009 for a new accounting software program.

* $6,300 in 2010 to upgrade office computers - (pending approval)

From the Orange County Community Development Association:

* $43,000 in 2007 for the sidewalk project from central Main Street to Veterans Memorial


* $50,000 in 2008 to erect the pavilion at Veterans Memorial Park and install new fencing at

Berger's Field.

* $45,000 in 2009 to erect high mast lights in the parking lot at Veterans Memorial Park and

install guard rail around the park parking lot.

* $90,000 in 2010 to replace the water mains on Kelly Hill Road.

Federal grant applications were submitted for two projects at the Fire House (approval is still

pending on these applications):

* $655,001 to construct an addition on Fire House

* $342,025 to purchase new Midi-Pumper truck

Additionally, the Village of Otisville and Town of Mount Hope have jointly requested

$50,000 from Congressman Hall's appropriations to establish an Emergency Management

Command System for the Village and Town.

We all know that professional grant writers can be very expensive and with the state of

the economy it is not possible for the Village of Otisville to hire a full time grant writer. Some

of our grant applications are completed by the Village's Engineering Firm, some by elected

Village officials and Village employees, and yet others by community volunteers. I would like

to give special thanks to Robert Geismar, Daniel Dodd, Janine Beck, Dawn Wyman and Diane

Loeven for the role they have played in making some of these grants possible. And I would be

remiss if I did not take a moment to recognize the legislators mentioned above and thank them

for their generous support.

Upcoming Public Hearing

Water Bills

Robert Bennett was out in February reading water meters and bills

will be mailed in March. If you do not receive your bill, or have any

questions about the bill you do receive, please contact the Village Clerk, Janine Beck, at the

Village Hall. Please remember payment is due within 30 days and a penalty will be added to

any bill which is paid late.

Hydrant Flushing

The first hydrant flushing of 2010 is tentatively scheduled for April 5-7 and for June 28,

29, and 30. Please mark your calendars as water pressure and color may be affected during

those days.

Dog Control Law

Most Village residents know that the Village of Otisville has a leash law requiring that

all dogs be keep on a leash whenever the animal leaves your property. So whenever you're

walking your dog on the street or at the park it must be kept on a leash at all times. The law is

intended to keep you, your dog and your neighbors safe. We haven't had many problems in this

regard and hope to keep it that way. We have, however, had several complaints about dog

messes being left behind in the park, on our sidewalks and roadways and in neighboring yards.

The dog control law stipulates that you must clean up after your animal, so please make sure to

do so. Even if it weren't the law, this is just common courtesy. Thank you for your cooperation

in this matter.

For the past eight years a dedicated group of volunteers have met weekly, diligently

working to review, rewrite and update the Village's Zoning Laws. The goal was to ensure that

these documents, originally created over 40 years ago, would still today regulate growth within

our community in such a way as to ensure that the quality of life we have all come to enjoy

within the Village continues to be maintained.

We're happy to report that this comprehensive project is nearly complete. The revised

documents are being reviewed by the Village's Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals and

Board of Trustees, Building Inspector and Attorney, as well as the Orange County Planning Department.

Once all of these entities have had an opportunity to provide feedback, a formal Public

Hearing will be held to give you, our residents, an opportunity to express your opinions. In

all likelihood, this Public Hearing will be scheduled for sometime in April or May. The draft

documents are currently available for your review at the Village Hall and committee members

would be happy to sit down with you to discuss them. Once a date for the public hearing has

been set, it will be announced in the classified ad section of the Times Herald Record and flyers

will be posted in businesses throughout the Village.

Reminders from the Building Inspector:

If you somehow missed all the newspaper announcements, NYS has passed Amanda's

Law which requires at least one Carbon Monoxide detector in all homes. New or old, all homes

require at least one. While new homes require more, the law requires at least one CO detector

in existing homes. It is to be placed on the lowest level that a bed room exists. It may be battery

powered or plugged into a hallway outlet, approximately 18" above the floor. A typical bed is

32" high so a detector mounted at 18" will sound and warn you before the monoxide levels

reach the bed height where you are sleeping.

In addition to installing a CO detector, don't forget to change the batteries in your

smoke or heat detectors. With this weather, furnaces and boilers are running full bore raising

fire dangers even more than normal. Detectors save countless lives every year and many fires

where fatalities occur are found to have had no detectors or detectors with the batteries removed.

Please don't become one of these statistics.

Take a look at your metal chimney for your wood or pellet stove. If it is outside, make

sure it is still straight and all brackets are in place and are fastened correctly. If you have any

questions about your chimney contact our Fire Inspector, Bob Zawasky. He can be reached by

calling the Village Hall. If you have an interior chimney hopefully you had it cleaned last fall.

If it's been awhile or you can't remember when it was done last, have someone come and do it.

We still have many weeks of winter to go.

Enough about winter - let's think spring! If you are planning a project for this spring or

summer stop by on a Wednesday night and get the info you will need for a permit. Most projects

require a site plan and a copy of your survey. Your bank or attorney may have it if you do

not, and by coming in now you will have time to retrieve a copy. If your project should require

a Variance, coming in now will give you the time necessary to go through the process and be

ready to begin the project by the arrival of good weather.

Continue to have a safe winter.

A note from Rick in the Building Department:

As I make my rounds throughout the Village, I've been noticing that a lot of people are

putting their garbage out for pick-up in plastic bags. Village law requires that garbage be

placed in a lidded trash can. Setting garbage out in plastic bags is not only a health issues, but

as spring arrives more animals will be out and about and may very well tear open the bags looking

for food.

And speaking of the arrival of spring... Now is the time to look around the yard and start

cleaning up. If our homes and yards are neat and clean, the village be a nicer place for all of us

to live. It will also look more inviting to visitors, which could help those residents who are trying

to sell their homes.



Starting in April the Village Hall will be opened one Saturday morning per month, ordinarily

the 1st Saturday of the month, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. In event that this is a holiday

weekend, the Village Hall will be opened the 2nd Saturday of the month instead. This will occur

in April and July when Saturday hours will not be held on the first Saturday, but rather on April

10th and July 10th. Mark your calendars now to avoid confusion in the months ahead.

Janine Beck, the Village Clerk/Treasurer, is available to assist you and answer questions

during these Saturday hours. Village residents may also bring recycling to the drop off area behind

Village Hall during these times. Please remember to sign in at the Village Hall Lobby before

visiting the recycling area.


MEALS ON WHEELS is asking for your help to deliver meals to the home bound and

the elderly in our community. Volunteers are only asked to commit to helping for one hour a

month, unless they wish to volunteer more time to fill in for other drivers when they are not

available. The program is a great way to make sure that our seniors are getting nutritious meals

and also serves as a way of checking in on them to be sure they're all right. Anyone interested

in helping can simply call Kathleen Myers or Amy Hassenmayer at the Mt. Hope Town Hall,


HOMETOWN HELPERS is another organization in need of volunteers and much like

the Meals on Wheels program, you can volunteer as much or as little time as you can spare.

Hometown Helpers provide assistance and support to our community seniors and other adults

with disabilities in ways which will allow them to remain independent and in their homes.

Types of services include friendly visits & reassuring phone calls, grocery shopping & other

errands, local transportation, light household and yard chores, and assistance with paperwork

and letter writing. Anyone interested in becoming a Hometown Helper can call the Village Hall

at 386-5172 or the Town Hall at 386-1460. The clerks will take your name & phone number

and pass it on to the program coordinator, who will in turn contact you.

Brian Wona, Mayor


Diane Loeven, Deputy Mayor

JoAnn Ketcham

Lawrence Michelitch

Richard Cash

Village Hall

66 Highland Ave.

Otisville, New York 10963

Hours: 8:30 - 2:30, Monday-Friday;

1st Saturday , 9-12

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Village Update

Village of Otisville

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New Schedule for Village Update

Effective immediately, the Village Update will be published three times per year.

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Summer/Fall Issue - July

Fall/Winter Issue - November

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