Village Of Otisville

A Local Law amending the Village of Otisville's Comprehensive Zoning Law of 2011

1of 2015
November 27, 2015
September 03, 2015

Local Law # 1 of 2015


A Local Law amending the Village of Otisville’s Comprehensive Zoning Law of 2011


BE IT ENACTED by the Village of Otisville Board of Trustees as follows:


Section One: Intent

The purpose of this local law is to protect the public health, welfare and safety.  It is intended to protect property values, create a more attractive economic and business climate, enhance and protect the physical appearance of the community, preserve the scenic and natural beauty and provide a more enjoyable and pleasing community.


Section Two:

The following section shall be added to Article V: Supplementary Regulations of the Village of Otisville’s Comprehensive Zoning Law of 2011, as Section 5.4, entitled Outdoor Storage Regulations in All Districts and shall be worded as follows:


Section 5.4  Outdoor Storage Regulations in All Districts


5.4.1     There shall be no outdoor storage, for any purpose, of vehicles, trailers, goods, commodities, supplies, or rubbish in the front yard of any residential structure. 


5.4.2       All undeveloped lots and front yards of residential structures must be kept free of machinery, discarded appliances and furniture, all forms of rubbish and junk, and disorderly or unsightly piles of building materials.  Accumulated rubbish, debris and discarded building materials associated with an ongoing construction, renovation, or improvement project must be removed weekly.


5.4.3     All undeveloped lots must be kept free of partially dismantled, abandoned or inoperable vehicles.  A vehicle which has not moved off the property for a period of one year shall be presumptive evidence that the vehicle is inoperable and/or abandoned. 


5.4.4     All front and side yards of residential structures must be keep free of partially dismantled vehicles; no more than one inoperable or un-registered vehicle may be stored in the open, and only in the side or rear yard of the residential structure.  No inoperable vehicle, or portion of a vehicle, may be converted or used as an accessory or portable storage unit. 


5.4.5     Outdoor storage of any type authorized elsewhere in the Village’s Comprehensive Zoning Law, shall be located at least ten (10) feet from any property line and shall not be placed closer to the principal building of an adjoining lot than to the principal building on the lot where it is stored.  If both side and rear yards are available for such storage, the location with the least visibility from streets and neighboring property, as determined by the Code Enforcement Officer, must be used.   


5.4.6     A commercial business legally operating in a Residence District prior to the adoption of this local law, whose  business requires the storage of a limited amount of partially dismantled, inoperable machinery and/or equipment, which has heretofore been stored in the open, shall be required to move such items to an enclosed building whenever possible; any items remaining in the open shall be stored in a manner which ensures that such storage does not negatively affect the appearance of the community. 


5.4.7     Any properties in violation of these regulations on the date of the adoption of this local law shall be given 90 days from that date to remediate such violations(s).



Section Three: 

The following section shall be added to Section – General Commercial District – Conditional Uses Permitted Upon Approval by the Planning Board:          Animal care business establishments, with or without boarding facilities, for the sale, boarding, breeding, or care of dogs and/or cats.  Any such business must fully comply with all stipulations for care of animals as regulated in Article 26 of the NYS Ag and Markets Law, as well as any other Article of that law applicable to the specific business.


Section Four:

The following is a correction to an erroneous reference in section Outdoor Dining Areas.          Omit parenthetical reference:  (see Section 3.3.2)


Effective Date

This local law was adopted by resolution of the Board of Trustees, Village of Otisville, on September 3, 2015, and shall become effective immediately upon its filing with the Secretary of State.

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