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Like to Help Others?

  Are you looking for an opportunity to “pay it forward” or “give back”?

Come Join the   

Otisville / Mt Hope Community Outreach Program


Could you give a neighbor a ride  to the doctor every now and then?


Would you be able to periodically do a little grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor who can’t get out to the store?


   Or maybe you’d enjoy making friendly  visits or phone calls  to a senior who is alone.




Volunteers are scheduled only at their availability. 

You do not need to commit to a certain day of the week or month.

 There is no minimum number of hours.

Even an hour or two every couple of months would be welcome, 

because every little bit helps!

To learn more, please call 386-5172 (Village Hall) or 386-1460  (Town Hall)

                    Insurance Sponsored by the Minisink Valley Rotary

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